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Monday, August 13, 2012

And the war ends!

Thesis, checked!
30-Hour Famine, checked!
And the war has ended! =D

Frankly to say, I enjoyed the hectic period last month although I was too hoping August to be here soon.
Maybe my thesis quality suffered due to the limited time and effort being spent, however I guess it's a choice.
At least I get both things done, not perfectly, 
but acceptably well I hope.
The only regret is that I didn't get to help others much.

Being a secretary this year in 30-Hour Famine is almost totally different experience from last year when I was in Program Team.
Despite not being the most capable and competent secretary, I am grateful that I had a lot of backups in the team.
Thank you for all the effort and hard work, comrades!
We are officially in holidays now! =D


The war has ended for a week.
Ever since after the event ended, I had nightmares every night.
I dreamed of I didn't do well and bring troubles to the team, complained by campers and committee, and at the same time didn't prepare well for the coming conferences.
Just wanna get over the incompetent and regret feelings and move on.
I cannot fall in SEAP.
Keep on fighting!

1 comment:

Sheryl Yen said...

yeah~ i did badly in my thesis too and im telling myself the same thing. Let's enter fighting mode together gether!! muacks~! <3