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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Recently I recalled on Choice Theory a lot.
Life is made up of choices.
We pick our direction.
Not only the physical direction, but most importantly we are able and capable to choose how we think.
Thinking and feeling are always linked, I second this.
To regret on your choice, or to accept and make it a good choice;
 in certain extent, it is up to you.


Accepted offer from Jill for the vacancy in Popular Book Fest 2012 last Monday and started work on last Wednesday.
It was really random and kinda rush too.
I was still planning my holidays and there gone my two weeks holidays.
Despite the not-so-satisfying pay, I think I made a good choice to work.
Due to work, I missed a few outings and yumcha sessions; 
dragged tired legs home every night; 
missing the time spent with my family and boyfriend.

Nevertheless I gained too.
I gained working experience, and friendships.
I gained the opportunity to talk to elders about the comics in 80's, I got to know a Chinese family from US, I also talked to past years' book fest part-timer who came back and visit the fair.

Observing people during work perhaps is something I enjoyed the most.
I saw variety of family dynamics, parenting styles, couple interactions, siblings relationships, and so on.
It also made me reflected that I need to read more and know more on psychology, as I couldn't recall much on theory of development and family dynamics when I wanted to. =P

I never thought working in a book fest for two weeks time can make a bunch of friends who are close enough to organize a gathering tonight.
Seriously, I met a bunch of talkative and friendly people. Haha.
We should be the most noisy section in the book fest.
Glad that my friends' circle expanded! =D



And my holidays left only 5 days.
Have fun! =D

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