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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Footsteps of September.

September 1.

I lost track of date during holiday, sometimes day too.
Thanks to Twitter's trend #SeptemberWish, I realized August has ended and September is here.
September never failed to remind me of the song 'Wake Me Up When September Ends', I don't know why.
Kinda looking forward to the coming 4 months.
The last quarter of a year makes me feel like holidays approaching, thus time will pass quicker.

I am looking forward to the final semester I will be in my degree in HELP University.
I had this thought in mind that I will be paying extra attention in lectures because I am going to miss it when I leave university.
I also thought I might be paying greater effort so that I can soar in the remaining subjects.
I foresee myself attending all sort of big and small events in university like I will never have a chance to do so anymore.
I know I am going to miss my study life so badly.
However the subjects offered this semester had greatly diminished my passion towards the final semester.
I am still stuck in choosing the elective subjects.
Perhaps I should just sit in all the elective lectures to come out with the decision, yea, perhaps.


Was called for thesis defense few days ago.
The moment I received call from Anujah saying my supervisor and co-marker requested a defense for my thesis, with Kevin being the moderator, my heart skipped a beat.
The next question was, 'What is it for?'.
Anujah refused to tell me, she said it was requested so I have to attend.
After hanging up the call, all the possibilities (all worst case scenarios) popped out in my head.
I was preparing to go out for a gathering, but my mind couldn't stop thinking the possible reasons behind it.

Some told me that there are only two possibilities that require a defense:
1) Grade between A and A-.
2) Grade between pass and fail.

The first thing that crossed my mind was, I am dead.
Must be some big mistake I did in my thesis.
Must be my supervisor and co-marker could not reach a consensus on giving me pass or not.
Friends said otherwise, but I am not convinced.

Reached earlier on defense morning, chatting with Ley Ser in the department trying to distract myself from worrying.
And Kevin saw me, asked me to go into his room to have a seat first while he needs to go to the washroom.
I hovered in Kevin's room, not sure if I should take the seat.
Looking into his bookshelf realizing the books he had were kinda wear off, he must be reading them again and again.
Next Mr. Alex came in and ask me to take a seat first.
Oh and he congrats me.
I gave him a confused look I bet.
He said, 'You do not know why are you here, don't you?'.
I said no, Anujah refused to told me even I asked.
Anujah was then there to set up the laptop.
Miss Ju Li was not in, we were gonna Skype with her.
'How cool!', I thought.

After spending 15 minutes fixing the audio settings of Miss Ju Li's laptop by the technical support provided by Kevin, the defense started.
Mr. Alex said it was more appropriate for my supervisor to tell me what's happening.
'It's regarding your thesis grade actually, your honours.'
Delighted, seriously.
And the defense went on with Mr. Alex and Kevin asking me questions.
Kevin's questions were not that easy, as compared to Mr. Alex's.
Miss Ju Li, as with my proposal defense, had no questions for me again.

I did not get to know the final decision of them, but I was happy enough to know it's not between pass and fail.
That's a great news.
I hope I can do great in SEAP this end of September in Sabah, although I am still not so confident with my own research.
Thank you lecturers for giving me this precious opportunity to have a second defense.
Despite it was terrifying at first, but I learned a lot from the questions.
I had done my best. Now the grade comes next.


2011 March 01 - The day I sent you off in the airport.

Exactly 18 months, 1.5 years ago.

I am going to see you in Melbourne in 4 months time.
By then we will be seeing each other after 22 months of separation.

Every time I come to think about this, I feel amazing.
Amazing that I can do it, amazing that you also do it.
We did it well.

My friends usually looked surprised when they first heard I am in a long distance relationship for already two years plus.
They looked even surprised when they get to know I am going to see you soon after separating (physically, never mentally and emotionally) for around two years.
At times I am surprised too myself.
In this relationship of two years and a half, we were physically together only 3 months.
The other two years and three months we are 3952 miles away.

Don't ask me how we manage to do this.
I will give you the lamest but perhaps the true reason behind it: Love.


September is here.

It will be a month with great days!
Seeing friends posted about their #SeptemberWish, a variety of them, I wish everyone's wish are coming true.
Let's rock September! =D

1 comment:

SherylYen said...

Congratz voon!! You never disappointed me. I know you are one of the student in our batch will get A for thesis! Cheers voon~~ <3 Although I might screw up my thesis, I really hope I can do as well as you in the conference~HAHAHAA....

Don't always think that your research is boring or stuff like that, you should be the one that is most passionate with what you are doing.

I hope we can graduate together with lots more great memories, with success and most importantly, love. xD