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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

July, The War

Final exams in one week time.
Thesis due in less than one month time.
30-Hour Famine 2012 in exactly one month time.

July is officially declared as The War.

I don't know which should be prioritized because all are important to me.
I don't know how to get all done well but never, never give up.

We are forced to be more productive under time constraints.
We can do it, win the war, comrades!
And I will conquer it with joy despite stressful.
Enjoy the stress people! ;)


BinG bInG said...

Ah voon, jz drop by to say 'jia you' to ya !!! =D
yes, we can do it~~no matter hw hard, we gonna conquer it...cant wait for Famine day to come as it mean we will break free on tat day !!! let's pray hard, work hard and finally play hard 2geda, k...take care, dear!!! <3 <3

SVoon said...

Yesssss, looking forward to Famine!
No matter how tough the coming days are, just enjoy the stress and do our best!
We will feel the sense of achievements soon! <3