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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Earth Hour 2011


Recalled last year Earth Hour, I was with Hei, Ming and Jeng, just finished dinner at I Love You Shabu-shabu, then we went Ming's house there to watch night view. This year without Jeng, three of us met up at Puchong again. Ming suggested for movie and so we went IOI mall to get our tickets before dinner. No more nice seats for Battle: Los Angeles, so we watched The Adjustment Bureau at last.

After got our tickets, we headed to Little Pantry to have our dinner. It is like a fusion of Fullhouse and Gardens Cafe, just with slightly more pink. Better food choice I think, but the prices are a little too expensive for us. We still ordered a lot and surprised by the bill later. Haha. The food was okay, but the desserts are awesome! At least I think it's something that I love, delightful (and fattening) desserts. Hehe. I remember we had a bill of RM120, which each of us paid RM40. Haha.
Oh, we were having dinner during Earth Hour, but the restaurant did not really off all unnecessary lights, only make it dimmer. They could have off more seriously, because there're candles all over in the restaurants. Not a good effort. Sigh!

So next we rushed to cinema on the top floor for the movie. IOI mall's lift is freaking slow, as always. We're a little late for the movie but did not miss much I guess. Luckily that cinema was not cold, did not bring jacket. The movie was not bad, it wanted to bring out some kind of lesson I think. Fight for what you want and what you believed to be true, do not just leave it to fate. But what three of us basically talked about whole night later are that: 'Don't turn left, turn right when open the door' and 'See, he/she wearing hat, work for them de, be aware!'. Haha. If you watched that movie, you should know what's happening.

Ming dropped us near Bistro 32 to get my car, but somehow ended up having a drink there. Finally I had been to the bistro Ming always recommend us. Haha. They knew I don't like noisy pub environment, so we moved downstairs to chit chat. They had beer and tequilla while I had mocha. Haha. Just not an alcoholic person sorry. Still don't prefer it. Hehe. We sat until 1am and headed home separately.

Sometimes I really wonder, why three persons who do not always meet and share personal life with each other, can be so happy chit-chatting when meet up once a while? Couldn't find the reasons yet, but I appreciate it. This kind of bond, this kind of special formation of friendships. =)

Wonder if we will celebrate Earth Hour together again next year? =)

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