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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another small birthday celebration!


Basically, she had blogged about it and I feel excessive to write again. But still I want to write about it as it's for her birthday!
Yea, she is Wong Jyh Ling. Teehee! =)

It was a Tuesday and I had to carry my research assistant work in SS2, one of the tadika there. The kids were so active and distracted that day, not easy to get things in control. Really tiring. Anyhow, I had a date with GLing after that at Redbox. Singing is always my thing, so no matter how tiring I would have energy for it. Haha.

Reached Midvalley around 1.30pm and she was still home, so I walked around looking for light food. Grabbed a chicken puff and ate outside Redbox while waiting for GLing. Then she appeared when I was eating halfway. Haha. After we asked about the vouchers I have, we decided to use student price instead, but afterward we realized we had made a wrong deal. Aikz. A lot old songs you know wei Gling! Remind me of my childhood. Haha. The echo was not good, indeed too strong, dislike dislike! Anyway, still worth it as we sang from 2pm to 7pm! =)

Next, we decided to eat at Manhattan Fish Market due to the promotion. Fish and Chips for RM6.99! Big portion, too full for me that night. But now it has another student promotion thingy on! Tempting! Haha. Back to topic, we ordered two sets of it and while waiting for the meals, we had a little birthday celebration session for her belated birthday. A mini cake we bought on the way just now, with the candles and Happy Birthday thingy I bought a day before. Hehe. Took some photos and finished the cake. Not tasted as good as the one for my birthday, but kinda special. Cheaper though perhaps. Haha. Gave her the present when we got into car, and I didn't let her open on spot. I worried she won't like it. But she said she love it after she opened it at home. Phew, relief! Haha.

Sent her home and realized I forgot how to go out to highway. Just try my luck and drove to the way I feel more familiar, and tada, I found the way! Kinda easy, shall not forget next time. Haha. Oh, thank you dear for the directions, but you only replied after I got onto highway. Still thank you lar k! =)

Happy 20th Birthday again girl! Hope you like the present, the card and the song! Hehe. I was invited to your surprise dinner at TGIF the next day but I really could not spare out another day already, was rushing my assignment. Glad to see you enjoyed and had a loved birthday this year. Big girl already, starts with 2 already, it's time to grow up but never mind, keep enjoy playing and enjoy life! Never too old yet! =)

If you have been following up our blogs (well, that has to be for 2 to 3 years time), you will know that we never failed to produce camwhored pictures with ugly faces every time we meet up.
So here's it!

1 comment:

jyhling said...

=D =D =D

I told my mum about the student price and the coupon you had. She say why so ngong ngong go get student price. But nvm lah, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to camwhore/try out manhattan fish for such a cheap price mah right right?

Hehe thanks again for everything bowl! Big hugggggg!

p/s: Okay. From now on I'll listen to more new songs okay. HAHA.