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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

After marathon of blogging...

I decided to leave some for next time, as I'm tired already.
I think only Meimei's surprise birthday party last night that I haven't blog about, besides the one I'm going to write now.
Yea, April is like a birthday month!
There're a lot of April babies among my friends. =)

Last weekend, the 9th of April, was Yau's graduation!
Always a big thing for me when I heard of graduation. And he graduated so fast! While I'm still in my second year second semester...
So, he invited me last month but I did not promise him to attend his graduation. So weird to go by myself isn't it? Although I so wanted to see my sai lou in robe, like a kid finally grown up, how touched. Haha. When he invited me again last week, I thought about it again and decided to go, at least for a while, to congratulate him.
Like I said, graduation is a big thing I feel.

The night before his graduation, he asked me to invite Hei along so I would not need to go alone. So two of her good kar jie went Sunway Pyramid to walk and buy him bear bear, ate Hot and Roll, shopped a while, before he finally called and said his ceremony ended. Hence, both of us walked over to convention centre to look for him.
When we saw him, he was having a few bunch of flowers with him. Like some superstars. In fact, everyone there were the same. Haha. He has no hand for us when we handed him our bear bear. We need to carry some flowers for him some more. Haha.
Met Shumin finally! Pretty and sweet girl, lucky you lar sai lou! *wink*

As both of us have no camera, Yau asked his friend to take a photo for us with him in robe. Haven't seen the photo yet, not sure who's having it. Then he had to see his lecturer so we left. Really a short while we been there. We headed to SS15 for lunch before go home.

Congratulations again Ooi Wyn Yau! =)
Remember to work hard and earn more money!
Meanwhile please enjoy life too!
And take care of your health!



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