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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

When I'm supposed to be studying...

... and I'm here to update my blog! *wink*

Finally all my assignments for this semester are done!
What else could come next besides finals? Sigh!
Anyway, before I get myself into my books and notes, allow me to blog about all the missing posts on my outings please. I just don't like my blog to be all emo words. HAHA!

Well, if I gonna write it all in a same post, I bet it would be 10 pages long.
So I gonna make each event one post, with photos of course! =)


Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2011!
It was really a random outing plan of mine, but somehow it turned out success and fun! The fiesta was held for 3 days at Putrajaya and I only got to know about it on the second day after seeing people posting up photos on FB. So on Sunday morning (last day), I just searched online about the event and decided to go. Sadly, I could not think of anyone whom I can ask at first. I really wish you're here, because I know you will surely go with me if I ask. Well, I then texted Hei, hoping that she had no other plan. Surprisingly, she was free and wanted to go too, and no need to go back Setapak at night. I was so excited! Then we asked Bie and Didi. Initially Bie agreed to go together, but later when it rained, he changed his mind. Didi who was not home yet had make it at last because of the rain too, as I delayed going out to fetch Hei. He said he wanted to go every year but no one invite him, so, eherm, you should thank me Di! Haha. So end up three of us headed to Putrajaya for the fiesta! =)

After searching and simply following buses, we finally found the place, a nice place with all the ministry buildings. So not like Malaysia style. Then we found a small place for my little car to park, hoping that it wouldn't get scratched, luckily it didn't too. Haha. Hei wanted to search for the counter where we can queue and get the tickets for hot air balloon ride, but couldn't spot it. Well, we did not see any visitors riding on hot air balloon at the end too. Hei said next year we must go earlier to get the tickets. And Didi said he wanted to get a DSLR so he can enter the restricted area. Well, I only wish that I could have more friends to go with me and enjoy! =)

We walked around and finally saw the hot air balloons get heated and flying up one by one. Really awesome! Big big balloon with mini people inside, fly across the bridge, the lake and the field. Seriously, it looks fun and romantic too! Hehe. Didi managed to capture a few nice photos of us with the balloons and nice scenery. I'm so sorry Di that we are not as pro as you, so your photos are not that nice as ours. Oops. Haha. I go learn and take for you next year! XD

After the hot air balloons landed in some other place which we cannot see, we walked around and took pictures of ourselves. Haha. Met lenglui! But got a not-so-lengzai boyfriend already. Don't sad Di! Hehe. We saw a big patch of lime green grass! So there goes our photo session, and thus each of our profile pictures now. Haha. The sky getting darker so we planned to go take dinner before home. But I was so hungry hence we bought a packet of Darabif fries to eat in car. We only tasted a few of it then Hei accidentally spilled the fries when passing it to Didi. Haha. Poor car, the curry powder was all over and till now I only wiped it and haven't vacuum it. Haha.

Then we had our dinner at Asia One Cafe in Puteri, Puchong. We had tong shui at Poon Kee before end our day. Tiring yet fun. And the biggest gain of the day are the beautiful photos! Thank you Didi and his Sony camera! =)

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