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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shopping Fun~

I was always the one who ended up didn't buy anything when shopping with friends, however today, I bought the most things compared to the two shopping queens! *proud proud*
Me, Hei and Mei went Timesquare and Sungei Wang today at about 2pm and back at only 7.30pm, straight away headed to pasar malam...
Long day but fully utilized, and had great fun of chatting and gossiping! Girls' favourite! XD
Other than being the topic of them, everything was fun especially when we recalled what had we done last time with another jimui - Xing along... Miss her so much suddenly!
We miss 5 Char Siew Pao very much!
It's true when Hei said: The days back are good because we were still young (chun2 zhen1)!

Not to mention again, we turning 20 next year, just that, not only the number that matters, but also the way we view our lives now... Everyone changes, keep changing and that's inevitable... Maturity is a must to cope with adulthood, and no more childlike happiness... Happiness seems more difficult to be achieved, just because we no more focus on simple little things... Everything gets complicated, so does happiness...

Hence, once a while hang out with old friends, recall memories and being nostalgic together might not be a bad thing after all... At least it makes me remember there was once, I cried, I smiled and I laughed... Feel the bond, with friends, and that makes me revive again...
Life goes on, happiness too along, right? =)

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