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Saturday, December 26, 2009

De Special Christmas Trip =)

It was a totally out-of-my-expect journey yesterday!

Tiring, hot, exhausting BUT adventurous, fun, happy and special trip! =)
Awesome + Beautiful = Awful! XD

First lesson: Go out earlier in the morning if it is a 1-day-trip!
We went from Serdang at about 8.30am, and I found we had no sufficient time for every places listed to be visited. Preferably 7.30am or earlier I think, we might tried more food at more places! =)

Second lesson: Do not go visit some tourism hot spot during public holiday!
It was Christmas yesterday, and there are 3 days continuous holidays since today and tomorrow are weekends; hence it was traffic jam in Malacca city! We ended up parked our car very far and walked all around. Tiring but adventurous, lost our way but fun! =)

Third lesson: Do not follow the queue just because others say it is famous!
Undeniable go Malacca must try Chicken Rice Balls, but I think it's okay you go try out some other shops other than follow the long long queue at the most popular one. Especially when you already tried that before, just visit those not-so-popular shops will do.
We separated into 2 groups; Ai, Hei and Kei queued for Chung Wah Chicken Rice Balls while Kelly and I queued for Nyonya Baba Cendol. Ended up both also nothing special. Fortunately our dinner at Ole Sayang for Baba Nyonya food was awesome! =)

Fourth lesson: Ask people for direction or information politely, especially old uncle! XD
Not to say politely, at least use punctuation and precise words! Hahahahaha~ No more 'Uncle closed liao ar?', instead say 'Uncle, the shop closed already?'. Otherwise uncle will get angry and answer you: 'Uncle haven't close, is the shop closed already!'. Nevertheless, it created the most funny part of the day! Hahahaha~

Fifth lesson: One day is definitely not enough with friends, so make it an overnight trip!
It's kinda rushing yesterday because we had to leave Malacca before night. However we still stayed until dinner and only reached home at about 11.30pm. We did not manage to visit Eye on Malaysia, Baba Nyonya Heritage and Maritime Museum which I aimed to go initially. How good if we could stay over last night, right?

Last lesson: Go with friends, those who can walk and laugh with you! =)
I find it not too bad to get lost, to walk instead of drive (to a certain level, hehe), to sweat instead of sleep! Won't refuse to go backpack trip indeed. When everyone is willing to walk, to explore, to adventure; the journey becomes excited and fun!
We need surprises in life sometimes! =)

Hopefully can visit Penang next time!

I had a great Christmas this year, a fun trip too! I hope they feel so too. Sometimes imperfections made things perfect and etched a special memories in fact.
Thanks Malacca, thanks my dear friendssss! =)

** Detailed post for the trip is unavailable because just too much to write for that 15 hours trip!

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