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Saturday, August 01, 2009

My Randomness =)

After I had asked Ai, Qi, Kelly, ChengChun and Thongy whether they can go Taman Pertanian with me or not, and they didn't say a yes immediately, I was kind of disappointed...
Yet I'm glad I didn't give up to ask Ms. Hulk - Kak!

Basically the conversation last night at about 11.20pm went on like that:

SV: Kak, I feel like go hiking or cycling!
JH: Me tooooo!
SV: So wanna go Taman Pertanian mou?
Can cycle and swimming there de!
JH: Okay ar, when?
SV: Tomorrow lar, can?
SV: Yea, I'm really desperate going there!

**Phone call from Kak**

Then we asked Utan and Denise but Utan couldn't make it...
Utan gave me a word: "Sweat..."
Both of them kept saying me being so RANDOM as well, and yes, I'm very RANDOM! Haha... Indeed we had fun due to my randomness today! =)

** Our tickets - RM3.00 each **

** Brochure of Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya **

** Green Heroism **

** Super duper GREEN heroism **

** Blue Heroism **

** Kak only wore her sunglasses for once - this photo **

Kak: "Yer, why the paddy so green one? So fake!"
BowL: "Paddy haven't ripe is like that de mar!"

3 of us speaking to another bunch of girls:
"Hey, we help you all take 1 group photo ba! All go in!"
"Indeed we want you all to help us take group photo as well!" XD

** Sleeping Buddha of the Paddy Field **

Kak: "Why I still don't look like pregnant!"

Kak: "I wanna take photo with this shark!"
** Photo taken and we left **
Kak: "Har, you 2 don't wanna take with the sharks de ar?"

BowL: "1 fish + 1 fish = PISCES~" ^^v

Kak: "Eh, you 2 do the stretching pose again!"
"I wanna take photo!"

BowL: "The background looks fake!"
Kak: "Indeed it is!"

BowL: "I thought this pose is we all created de..."
Denise: " I did this when I was in kindergarten..."

Kak: "Wait wait, I still got a green tupperware in my bag!"

BowL: "Finally I'm not pening and wanted to vomit..."

** Recovered from dizziness **

Halfway cycling, I felt so dizzy and wanted to vomit... So we stopped by roadside and I sat down... According to Kak, my lips turnt pale at first, then slowly can see a layer of red below, then only back to all red... I sweat really a lot there, which amazed Denise...
She knows I don't sweat much...

Sorry for dragging you girls ya!
Luckily I recovered and we managed to visit the 4 seasons house! =)

Kak: "This one can used as wallpaper hor?"

Kak: "Does it look like my hair? Need to move right abit onot?"

BowL: "Kak, your turn to take with the flowers!"
Kak: "No, I don't want... I want tree!"

Kak: "Eh, can take from inside onot? Can see?"
BowL: "Yes lar yes lar, you always wanna find special things to take de wor!"

Denise: "3 people can fit in onot ar?"
Kak: "Can lar, HanYong can fit 5 people in ler!"
BowL: "No, his record is 8!"

Kak: "I want it from another angle, shoot from lower place please!"

BowL: "Yes! You look like jumping into the lake!"

Kak: "Ngam ngam hou can fit my line!"

Kak: "Take from behind! I wanna edit this!"
So where're ur 2 heart shapes? XD

Kak & Denise: "Do we look like sitting in it?"
BowL: "Yes, but people don't row on land..."

Kak: "How they built this ar? So weird!"

Kak: "Ahhhhh! My tyre puncture ar!"
BowL and Denise: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Denise: "Perhaps you're just too fat Kak!"

Kak: "Why am I so bad luck ar?"
BowL: "If Xing's here then maybe she will take over your place."
Kak: "Yea, we will both get 50-50 of it!"

** Taken during the terrible jam **

Stucked in the jam, lost our way to Bangsar, back to CHS AGAIN to pick Andy and my brother along, headed to Equine for late lunch and back home...
Seriously tired but people:

Millions thank you to Kak and Denise, and sorry to Kin as I indirectly made Kak ffg...
My first day of August was great, so my coming days in August will be greater, isn't it? =)
Good night people!

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