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Friday, August 21, 2009

Last minute.


The one which bother me for long, which I have no idea of it, neither he knows me as well... And I'm so going to settle it!
First, go to BSN for pin code, then online application, then the hardest part - fill in the form and get a saksi...
Oh ya, gotta open an account in CIMB bank...
I have to complete all these in two weeks time, no more delay allowed!
Hei, guide me ya pleaseeeeeeee~ >.<

Cecelia Ahern.

I borrowed a few books of her from friends, for about 2 months, and I'm just going to finish the last one today...
What a super slow rate! Salute to myself...
Clever me I didn't borrow more before I finish those in hands now... XD

30-hr Famine Camp.
It's tomorrow!
No sleeping bag, no torchlight and no cap!
My brother assured me that I won't die without all that, so I'm going to survive in the camp without them!
I doubt if I can don't faint under no food, no bath and no sleep condition! @.@

Next Wednesday.
Finally my 3-months-long holidays ended!
Nervous, worry yet excited for study life again!
Transportation is still being a problem, but no choice, I have to find way to college too...
What a big mistake for me to bang my dad's Merz, and what a careless enough mistake for my dad to burn my mom's Wira engine!
(he didn't burn it intentionally of course, just somehow made it burnt)
Hence, my family members are all now car-less! Sigh! ='(

College needs.
I haven't get myself a new bag for college!
Neither my bottle and watch...
I had them all but all cannot be used anymore...
I have no time, moreover no transport, and limited budget to go out for shopping now...
Phew, I can also survive without all these I believe! XD

I don't like to see my mom frowning, I feel bad...
It's for sure related to us, to our family...
And we always don't seem doing things to turn it into smile, but did alot that add on to her wrinkles... I know I sure can help in some ways, I don't know how, I'm tryng my best...
Mom, I like your smiles, don't worry too much, k? =)

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