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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ngam ngam hou =)

Woke up late but ngam ngam hou matched daddy's time to go out.
Reached Time Square and ngam ngam hou lunch time.
Bought things that I want, didn't spend on any unnecessary.
(ngam ngam hou? XD)
Back at peak hour, but when reached Mid Valley KTM station,
ngam ngam hou
caught a train; when reached Serdang KTM station,
ngam ngam hou
got up a bus.
Reached home at 7pm, bathed and daddy ngam ngam hou rushed back.
So I went to teach tuition ngam ngam hou at 8pm.
Tried the shirt and jacket I bought, both ngam ngam hou, very nice!

Everything is so ngam ngam hou today!
Made me a happy day! =)

** Can ngam ngam hou lasts longer for me please~
** Terima kasih Cintaku banyak-banyak~ =)


nagata said...

tis morning i go office take ktm, da ktm nagm ngam hou gone,&%$%@#%.....

SVoon said...

haha that 1 is a bad "ngam ngam hou"!
nvm nvm, u'll meet de good ngam ngam hou too de for sure! =)