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Thursday, July 16, 2009


End my work! =)

Got a cake as gift from my boss, she let me choose my own favourite, and I chose the only cake I haven't got to try while working there --- Chocolate Moist Cake!
I heard a lot of good responses from customers about this cake, and it does not disappoint me too! =)
Chocolate moist cake with a layer (thick one) of baked cheese in between, some almond flakes, coated with heavy melted chocolate, and with adequate amount of fresh cream as topping...
Fabulous! ^^

Saw a hot-air-balloon when dropped brother to KTM station today morning!
It's really very BIG!
Can try on it next time if got chance, perhaps... =)

** You cried means you still care, and I'm happy enough to see your words...

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