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Friday, July 17, 2009


Plan 1:
Sleepover at Setapak to catch up with the bunch of girls, meeting old friends as well.

Probably fail, because they're having hectic moments, assignments and tests!

Plan 2: Go Kampar to visit friends and relax.
Failing too, due to timing problem and also found no suitable traveling companion. Sigh!

Plan 3: Have a family trip to Cameron.
Postponed to don't-know-when-will-it-be. Still, wrong timing!

Plan 4: Backpack trip with the girls to anywhere, preferably Penang.
My lovely Bei is leaving Malaysia soon perhaps, so......

Plan 5: Get some events job.
Still looking at, paying effort to...

Plan 6: Treat my family a lunch or dinner.
Taking place this Sunday probably, not yet confirm which restaurant to dine-in, hopefully it won't be over-budget. =)

Plan 7: Collect back those photos I lost.
Only paid a visit to HuiQi's house, going to look from many others...
Hopefully can at least get back 70% of the photos...
And I know backup is very important now! >.<

Plan 8: Gamfei.
A never-success-plan.
Gained weight from work (bakery job was just being too tempting).

Plans are meant to be failed.
I remember we got a quote sounds like that, is it?
It's proven again, now...

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