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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Simple Be-earlied Birthday =)

Thanks HanYong, Xing and Kak for the simple yet lovely night just now!

I sincerely like it and enjoy it as well... Although I don't really have the birthday feelings now, but still, I appreciate the simple celebration... To be frank, I already can guessed a little when Xing asked me out for dinner, she sounds a bit serious... Nevertheless, it still happened a little bit surprised because it's not like what I imagined...
Oh ya, thanks ChiaLit for your birthday song!
Thanks HanYong for choosing Chocolate Indulgence, it's my favourite,
you know me well huh? XD

And our trip to Kak's housing area!
Seriously I enjoyed tonight, hearts you guys! =)

I know that exams season started, and everyone is busy right now... Don't worry, I don't feel like celebrating my birthday this year, I prefer going somewhere, on vacation or just a simple trip... However my birthday falls on weekday, so it is impossible to be on leave...

Turning 19 sounds old, and I think I'm getting older too...
Mature is a better word perhaps?
Yet I don't think I'm mature enough... I miss being childish (my childhood moments I mean), hope to get mature in thinking in contrast... Growing elder makes me feel more pressured, wonder why... I couldn't wonder how would I be if I have to live alone outside, without my parents and brothers... I'm still very dependent, I'm still a little kid in fact...
4 days more left for my 18th, I should appreciate every moments by now, and do whatever I haven't complete in my eighteen...

** My Chocolate Indulgence ** =)

** Thanks Xing! Muacks! **

** Thanks Kak! Muacks! **

** Thanks HanYong! You're so gentlemen today! ** XD

** Glad to have my 11-year-pals ** =)

** I love you guys! ** =)

** Sorry Burbur and Boozie for not joining you guys for steamboat tonight ya! >.<

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