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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Grateful 19th

4 March 2009

Officially nineteenth.
Simple, warm, nostalgic and grateful birthday.


Was asked to wear white the night before, end up the whole class were in black and I was the only white... 'Birthday girl should be special', according to them... First present from them, speechless...
Went Secret Recipe with the girls and had the traditional birthd
ay song, make wishes and blow candle session... They merged 8 pieces of different flavour of cakes together, yet it still not a complete circle... Anyway, I still like this combination as I can eat many types of cake in once! Thanks girls! =)


Went MidValley after class, with the girls again, and ate a lot of food! Felt guilty for eating so much and also letting them spent so much money on me... Sorry ya girls, and thanks too! We went Sushi King for lunch, stopped by Big Apple to buy donuts, bought some big curry puffs, and sat down at ShihLin Taiwan Food Stall for tea time? We ordered Oyster Meesua, Tempura and Chicken Chop... Walked around until 7pm...
A tired yet fun afternoon... =)

** March 4th - Peaceful ** =)


Didn't manage to squeeze ourselves into the train, so I called daddy to pick us up at bus stop... Waited for almost an hour, was raining that time... Me and Hei suddenly being nostalgic, missing the old times when we all, the whole bunch of buddies (Serdang gang! XD) ran to catch the train, squeezed in the bus to tuition, walking in rain after school... KTM and bus seemed to be fun places for us, but now all these seem irritating... Squeezing in KTM and catching bus cannot be fun without friends... After years, Hei is still with me now, studying the same class, and I think I should be grateful... Thanks for being there for me!
I miss Kak, Denise, Mei, Xing, Bie and Jovan as well! ='(


Before heading back home, bought my birthday cake from King's Bakery, a Black Forest cake... After showered, had dinner with my family and ate damn a lot of food again! Me myself ate a Claypot Lao Shu Fen and a bowl of herbal soup... My brother then ordered Sate and Grilled Fish... Although I was really full, but I still couldn't resist the temptation!
End up we didn't eat my birthday cake and so we made it our breakfast the second day...

(I ate half of it in 2 days time!)


Received many wishes from SMS, Friendster, Facebook and also phone calls... Thanks for remembering my birthday! Get presents from Han-Ming, Jeng and Hei, Christine and Joshin... Thanks dear! =)

A big thank you to:

(SMS): Hon, Mia, Bernice, Cess, Xing, YaoXuen, KayChong, JungHao, YingYang, KahEng, YeeThong, Jeng, Utan, Kak, Shiang, Bei, Han-Ming, YeeMun, Meimei, ShaoYong, YuLing, HuiQi, JianWai, YiChin, SiuJeen, ChiaLit, Yau, Fong, MeeYun, AiQun, HanYong, ZhiShan

(Phone Call): CheeKin, JyhLing, Jovan, Kelly

(Blog dedication): JyhLing, Joanna

(Recored birthday song): Kelly

I'm quite surprised and touched to receive wishes from Hon, Jovan and JyhLing... Jovan and Hon are in Australia while JyhLing is at Malacca now... Kelly's birthday song for me is kinda a surprise too! She was not feeling well while singing, with cracking voice, yet she still sang both english and chinese version for me! Drink more water girl! I feel so guilty to listen that... JyhLing's blog dedication is also another touching one, we're the reason of smiles!

Appreciate every wishes from each and everyone of you! Thanks a lot! =)


The nineteenth birthday is not that bad after all, it's still full with joy and fun, and of course some touching parts... Nineteenth will probably be a tough year for me I think, as I'm proceeding to degree in the middle of year... It will be another stage of life again... Hope that everything goes on fine for everyone of us! Sincerely appreciate my nineteenth! =)

** Happy 19th Birthday to me **

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