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Saturday, February 28, 2009


Got a call from Qi at almost 12am, asking me to join them for KayChong's birthday celebration on the next day in MidValley... Struggled for a long time, as I don't know KayChong (don't really know), and I have to take the most "efficient" and "punctual" KTM there... Finally I went as I found that I got nothing else to do at home, unless to grow mushroom again?
So I went there by KTM, and I met JvnYi on the train! He was at another door... He phoned me by the time he saw me stepped in from Serdang station, and I was quite surprised... The train was crowded so I couldn't go to his side to chat for awhile... I guessed he was on the way back home from Nottingham at Semenyih?
Wearing CHS QM t-shirt somemore, bright orange in colour... XD

I became the first to reach although they told me to be there at 12pm, while I reached only about 1pm... Next time I shall be more late...
While waiting for their arrival, I shopped for some shops, and almost all the shops were on SALE! Gosh, I feel like buying jeans, sandals and skirt! And I saw a kinda nice dress, mixing of red, orange and yellow... However, HuiQi disagreed with me... I shall make her wear that dress on her birthday celebration (with HEELS)! Met with Qi and KayChong, then YiChin and their college mates pop out... We went Alexis for lunch... It's the birthday boy's idea, he seemed longing to try out the food there, so we all settled our lunch there... Lucky me and Qi who ordered set lunch, which offered a starter, meal and dessert, made our stomach fully filled... Compared to ours, others were like, not-so-satisfied...
AiQun only appeared when we billed, and she still had her lunch there... So YiChin and a few left first, and others accompanied Ai for lunch... Chat about horoscopes, took some pictures and left...

Walked for numerous shops to buy KayChong's present (Qi and Ai buying, not me! He couldn't persuade me! XD), initially searching for hat, yet we found that he really doesn't suit it, so planned to buy shirt, but still failed to get one... Wanted to watch Slumdog Millionaire but tickets sold out, so do The Curious Case of Benjamin Button... Therefore KayChong and Stanley went back first as the birthday boy need rest, he had celebration at night as well... I was then forced to play car-racing (those machine one) with Ai and Qi, but it's quite exciting though... Went Jusco and Qi bought her shorts... Headed back home at 7pm, got scolded by daddy for coming back home too late, as he had to fetch me from KTM station during dinner time... Sorry!

Yumcha session with YeeMun at night buburchacha already, changed plan to go for lunch today but still cannot work, maybe next weekends will do... Xing messaged me at late night when I was almost asleep, asking me to go cheung k and shopping today, but I just went out yesterday so I rejected... She then said change to dinner, and will tell me details by today... See how things work later! =)

I'm hungry again! My appetite is just super duper good these few days, just think of eating every moment... It's a bit sounds like bulimia, just I don't feel like vomitting after having a big portion of meal... Gosh, I don't want to get fat! I think it might due to the long yet boring holidays, I will back to normal when class started next week... Yea, I will! =)

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