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Sunday, February 01, 2009

CNY Bai Nian '09

Bai Nian
already considered as our annual activity, and this year we achieved de most number of people joining and also de most visited houses... It's mainly due to we can drive now~
So we had
6 cars went for bai nian this year, and we visited 8 houses...
It was quite tiring in fact, yet there's still fun meeting up with friends, especially some
long-time-no-see buddy! =)

Eat, drink and gamble are what we did in every station, while de 3 of us who didn't gamble, enjoyed ourselves by sharing stories (kind of gossiping?)... Too bad this year we didn't take much photos, wonder why... We should have taken more photos as I think this bai nian tradition can hardly be held next year onward because some will be overseas, furthering their studies...

We started off at about 8.30am and only ended at 9pm!
I felt extremely tired that day and I wonder how were those who drove stand de tiredness... Thanks alot driversssssss! =)

Utan's > Han-Ming's > HuiQi's > Lunch > JettKyii's > ChinSheng's > WynYau's
YeeThong's > CheeKin's > Home

Members of Bai Nian '09:
Me, Mei, Hei, Xing, Utan, Didi, Jovan, Tham, YeeMun, ChinSheng, Hon, HarnJiat, Han-Ming, JyhLing, Yau, Kelly, HuiQi, JettKyii, YeeThong

** JettKyii's sister's bed? ** XD

** JettKyii's Pinky Room **

** de 3 who didn't gamble **

** ChinSheng's super duper big house! **

** de Reason of Smiles ** =)

** I know my head is de biggest k! ** XD

** At Yau's house **

** Group photo missing out Jo and Tham **

** Frankly, I enjoyed de previous years' bai nian more...
I miss squeezing in a small van, sweating and shouting, it's fun!

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