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Monday, February 02, 2009

One down, five left!

Finals started today, de war mode is ON!
(I'm more in CNY mode XD)
Writing for Science paper was not as difficult as I imagined, yet it's still abit challenging for me, especially de essay section... I couldn't identify 15 errors from de passage as well... Interpreting de graph should be de scoring section then, so pray hard I didn't make any silly mistakes!

One paper down, five more awaiting behind...
It's happy to announce that Public Speaking paper has postponed to next Tuesday! Thanks Perak for having holiday tomorrow, and therefore all de examinations tomorrow will be postponed (because we've to sit for de exam synchronizing with Kampar campus)... Anyway, I'm still greedy enough to think that if de paper which has been postponed is either Chemistry or Physics will be better! Having two science papers continuously is so exhausting!
Well, let de exams end as soon a possible so that I can enjoy my semester break! =)
(no any plans yet, but holidays always make people feel excited!)

Now is still CNY, and that's de reason why I found many people wearing new clothes and having new hairstyles today in UTAR... Dyed hair and highlights are de most common thing I saw today...
Frankly, I think gold colour, or some sort of light brown are not that nice... It makes people look abit lala... I prefer dark red, dark purple or maybe dark brown...
So PingLon, your hair is de most nice one I saw today! =)
Wonder when will be my turn dying my hair, but I think not so soon... They say dye hair will damage de hair, and I do not want to hurt my hair so early... After 25 maybe?
Who knows one day you might meet me on de street, with de whole head red or green! XD

I think I'm abit slow, but...
My CNY mode just ON!
I feel wanna play mahjong and go temple now... Last week I only feel like sleeping at home... Yerrrr, why my nerves getting so lag nowadays... >.<


** de time does its job?
or my mind cleaned it for CNY?
I should miss you more but I didn't...

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