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Friday, January 16, 2009



I was about to tell you this during our last outing at Sunway Pyramid, yet I swallowed back my words as I didn't hope to spoil our great atmosphere that day... We're all so happy to meet again after 1 year graduated, me, you and WaiYee... So I think I shall pick another suitable time for it... I was struggling like he did as well, whether to tell you or not, and how I gotta tell you this? Somehow I still chose to tell you, by sms, with de most simple and direct tone... You didn't reply me immediately like what you always did, but your message delayed... I was so worried, I scared you'll do silly things, luckily you didn't... So I text you again to confirm you're okie over there... I know you'll surely be crying that time? You said you need to be alone, and I just left you... For de entire night, I was wondering whether I had did de right choice to tell? Or I had became de busybody? He should be de one telling you? After you got to know now, will you release yourself from de fetter? I sincerely hope you will, and you can! Don't lock yourself up, give yourself and others a better chance! Anyway, if you need a shoulder, just give me a call, k?
Jiayou! Lurvya! =)



Remember you said you leave de choice whether to tell or not to me? Yea, finally I told her, unintentionally... She didn't do silly things as we worried, yet I think she still feels down for it... It's normal I guess, who won't feel sad when get a not-so-good news, right? So I think what she needs now is time, don't worry too much... You didn't do anything wrong, because there is no right or wrong in love... Love is de coincident of right timing and right person... So maybe both of you just lacked of one of that... She feels upset, and I'm sure you won't feel any better... You need not to be guilty I think... Things cannot be perfect when it happened reluctantly, especially boy-girl relationships... Anyway, hope you have your good time with your one now!
Be de one you used to be! =)



You've done what you wanted to do! Be frank rather than hiding, you always stand on this, and you're still on it... Maybe this is not de best choice, but it won't be de worst one... So don't feel guilty or bad as well! Who knows if you didn't tell, and she finds out by herself one day later, de results will be worse? Or perhaps after you told her now, she can recovers faster and found a better one? So you made a wise choice this time, stop imagining what will be de consequences, that will all be good ones... You care for both of them and both their feelings, you hope neither one will feels hurt, yet you're not almighty... So what you can do now is eveready for them if they need support... Lastly, learn from others' stories and don't let yourself repeat de mistakes in de future!
Wait for de fate to knock your door, patiently! =)

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