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Friday, January 16, 2009

Last day of Semester 2

Time flies and semester 2 comes to an end today!
Ah Lun and Hei also absent today, one to attend his aunt's wedding and de other one on vacation in Hong Kong!
Sounds so great, I want to fly too~ XD
Well, that's why I drove to UTAR today...
Why am I so semangat-ed to go?
I miss my friends and lecturers! I miss cafeteria! I miss Jaya One!
Impossible right? @.@
I actually went for my coursework marks and exam slip! XD

Yea, got de exam slip and checked for my finals' venue, it is at PA002, which I don't really like there... I just don't like de class underground, make me feel so suffocating... I prefer PB auditorium! (Joshin ar, be grateful to be in PB lar! )... However, I feel grateful to be in PA002 when compared with Shiang and WanJun whose venue are PA0004 and 005...
PA002 got TABLES!!! =)
Seriously I cannot survive without table, if possible, give me tableS!
I will fully utilized all de spaces on my table - stationery, calculator, papers and I write in big motion... Hehehehehe...
So I should be thankful to be in PA002 now! =)

Me and Shiang expected that there will only be few students coming for class today, firstly because it's just Maths class, moreover our tutor and lecturer both share de same person... Okie, skip this, no offense! Surprisingly, de class was 3/4 filled which I was quite surprised to see that... Maybe they came for de same reasons as me! XD
Didn't listen to de lecturer as he was discussing past year papers, I just simply don't like to do past year papers... So I copy Physics tutorial answers during de lecture... After class dismissed then I drove back, dropped Shiang at LRT station before that...
Only took a picture with Shiang today, because yesterday I already took quite a lot with others...

I sent back de car to mommy, and my aunt fetched me back home after that... Long time didn't meet with my aunts and cousins, feel happy to see them today!
All de little boys and girls have grown up, quite not used to it sometimes...
After all de conflicts and problems, de atmosphere now becomes so uncomfortable to stay in, so I just left after awhile... No one dare to talk to my uncle regarding CNY reunion dinner, not even about my grandma's birthday on this coming Sunday!
It's a bit too over I think, that's grandma's birthday, she is your mom! Fine, we'll see how things react this Sunday...
Anyway, Happy Birthday Grandma! =)

Oh ya, I sold all my semester 1 books in second-hand prices already! ChunHong helped me and Hei to sell actually, so he asked for 5% commission (well, he actually took much more than 5% I think)...
Anyway, I still got my Form 4 & 5 textbooks with me... I cannot find any buyers, as government gives free books for students now... Aikzzzz!
Should I donate it? Or sell it for "old-newspapers"?

CNY is just aorund de corner! 10 days approximately?
Cannot breathe any CNY breeze anyway, because no tanglongs in my house area and no junk food and 100 plus in my house yet! Somemore when mentioned of CNY, I'll automatically link it to finals!
How sad this CNY to be...
Wish me Good Luck and All de Best instead of Happy CNY this year ba!

** Well done class rep! **

** 2TD5 with Miss Sharimila **

** Miss Wong, you make me look so dark and gigantic! ** XD

** My partner **

** Joshin de World War **

** A bunch of GIRLSSS **

** Whites **

** Finally present to you - World Peace & World War! ** =)

** It's already about 4 months, I'm actually surprised that it lasts till now...


小菜 said...

oppss....sorry ya...i didnt calculate 5% le...i juz consider the selling price onli...if high price will more lo...

SVoon said...

haha it's okie!
as long as de books were sold...
thx! =)