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Sunday, January 18, 2009

5S4'07 Gathering!

Dear all,

Happy 2009 & Happy Chinese New Year in Advance :)

Please note that your invited to the 5S4 (2007) gathering, gathering details are as below :

Date : 8th Febuary 2009 (Sunday, 14th on Lunar Calendar)

Location : Sunway Pyramid

Time : 12 p.m. - 3 p.m.

Activity : Decent Lunch/ 3 hours of 'yam-cha-ing' at Starbucks or Coffeebean.


Hey my ex-classmates!

Have you all checked your mailbox??

Yea, our gathering will be held on 8th Feb 2009!

Well, I'm not sure going or not yet, but I'll try my very best to go!

I want to meet my old pals, especially Joel and BoonKiat!

(why not Meimei, WaiYee, Hon and Han-Ming? I had just met them few weeks ago! XD )

Of course I would like to see others as well!

From de latest list I saw, only 13 people replied and 9 already confirmed YES!

I hope I can put a YES there soon!

5S4, wait for me~ =)

Happy Chinese New Year!


XL said...

Wahahaha, I found tat ur tis post super duper funny
Becos I post the samething in my class blog also!!! Abt the gathering, haha
Enjoy ur class gathering and the Chinese New Year as well!!!

SVoon said...

hahahah really??
copycat copycat! XD
yea, enjoy yours as well!
Happy CNY! ** with notes? ** XD