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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Well, after 3 days didn't have time to log in and blog, I'm kinda lazy now to write about de things happened in last few days...
Basically, I went out for almost everyday in this week, yet I still longing for de Christmas' eve! =)

On de other hand, I started to feel stressed again, where second round of assignments and tests are just around de corner... Bless me!

So just let de pictures do de writing k??
Here it goes!

** Happy Burfdae Little Hua Hua ** [20021202]

** Finally you reached legal age Robin! **

** de Girls in my TD **

** We're damn noisy girls **

** TD5 after Robin's burfdae celebration **

** Well, he suddenly asked for a photoshot! ** XD

** Christine, my class rep **

** MeeYun, de little funny one **

** We can take photos anytime anywhere **

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