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Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Since last time de photos in Han-Ming's phone disappeared without reason, today we successfully took photos with Hon again!
(not using Han-Ming's hp this time XD)

Yea, I urged Hon to come Jaya One for lunch again since he is having holidays now... Furthermore he will be on vacation to China on Thursday, and who knows whether will he suddenly fly to Australia and won't come back for years right?
So smart of me to force him to come Jaya One again~ **winks**
Coincidentally, both of us were also in 5S4 class T-shirt today! He wore de white one and I was in de black one... Wow, so geng ler us! 5S4 rockssss! XD

So, let's proceed to de photos session! =)

** 5S4 Class T **

** Normal size of Hon's face ** XD

** Mr. SYH **

** We are just too playful **

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