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Saturday, December 06, 2008

HanYong aka Biebie's 18th Burfdae =)

As Bie would be having a celebration with his Form Sixers on Thursday, de few of us went for a dinner at a Malay's steak house in Serdang de night before and had a simple be-earlied celebration with him...
Well, now only I realized he was de only guy again that night after viewing de photos... He used to it already I think...
JieHui de Kak, who has just started her holidays, joined us for de night...
It was a pretty simple yet fun night! =)

** Kah Eng & JieHui **

** I still think I look weird in cap **

** Kah Eng in cap **

** Xing with de cap (HanYong's present) **

** JieHui still that YENG **

** 11-year-pals **

** Burfdae boy & me **

** Kah Eng & me **

** de Friendship lasts **

** Who's more yeng? ** XD

** Happy Birthday Little Biebie (on de cake) **

** Making wishes **

** We enjoyed de night ** =)

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