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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Serdang Trip?

Ai and Qi first came to my house yesterday after so many years!
Well, it's not I never invite them but my house is really abit too far for them... Furthermore de roads in Serdang are not easy to recognize yet it really needs excellent driving skills especially passing by some old housing area... That's why we always have this quote among us:

If you can survive in Serdang roads, you can drive good in anywhere else!

Trust me, it's just so true! You may have a drive in Serdang, just one round is more than enough... Maybe before you get your car scratched during corners, you'll die bored in car due to de terrible traffic jam...
Anyhow, it's still Serdang, my hometown and also my home! =)

Back to topic, so I brought Qi and Ai to "big tree head" for lunch and there I get scolded from both of them because of some misunderstanding?
Well, de night before, I told both of them I'd bring them to a place for lunch, where there are many food stalls under a big tree... Both of them gave me de same repsonse which is "Wow, so romantic ar!"...
I didn't say it's a romantic place at all!

So maybe I didn't explain much, so they put a high hope on that particular place... So when we reached, they're both yelling: "Har, this so called romantic? I'm so disappointed!" etc etc... I really didn't know should I laugh or cry looking at their expressions... Qi imagined that it will be a big green field with a big tree on it, and we'll be laying on de grass to have our lunch, some sort of picnic? I'm so sorry for disappointing tho... Anyway, we still had our lunch there with Hei along... Too bad de tong shui stall didn't open yesterday, if not I'm sure they will love de Ice Kacang there!
Next time lor, k? =)
Dear Bei called us using her 018 number and disconnected half-way on phone... She couldn't join us yesterday as she said she had to visit dentist but end up she stayed home because traffic jam...
Wasted ler Bei! You should come with us! XD

After dropped Hei back home, we then proceed to my house...
"Is there any hills to let us have a drive in Serdang?", Ai asked me... I told her my house is actually up de hill, which is de top part of Serdang, but I clarified that don't imagine or put high hope on it as I don't want them to blame me again for misleading of thought... XD
So we looked at photos of mine and also photos in Qi's hp, chit-chat and took some photos in my room... Ai suggested that next time we all show our childhood photos together and see who is de cutest baby... I think I was quite cute when I was still a little girl, so I self-proclaimed I'm de cutest baby first! XD
Well, Ai and Bei should be two cute big eyes babies as well but maybe not Qi, because Qi has smaller eyes than us? Hahahahaha~ Sorry Qi! XD

Before they go back, we went to Pitstop, which is de shop they longing to go after they saw de recommendation in newspaper that day... Xing joined us in Pitstop... We ordered 1 set of Honey Cheese Chicken Chop and drinks... De chicken chop is special and nice, and de wedges as well... Too bad Qi didn't manage to grab de wedges so we ordered another set of Black Pepper Chicken Chop and asked for more wedges... We played some games and shared jokes... I found that they don't like jokes with logic answers, but only laughed for little stupid things... So I don't want to tell them jokes next time already, it's so not fun! XD

Ai fetched me to my grandpa's shop and I get de car from mom to bring them till de exit to highway... It was 7pm+ which is de peak hour for Serdang people, not de road back, but de road going out! Yea, my family used to go out at that time for dinner and shopping as well... So after stucking in de long queue for about 10 minutes, I planned to bring them out from de other way... Well, de other road was also jamming... So I asked them to turn into de housing area beside and went out by de third road I can bring them to... Luckily de last way was not jam but they had to pay for toll to go back... It's still better than stucking in jam for unknown hours right?
So here de night ends! =)

I was supposed to do revision for my Public Speaking mid-term last night but I was really too tired... Hence, I slept at 10.30pm and woke up at 5.30am today to do my last minute revision... Luckily de paper was not too difficult today or else I'll blame myself for playing so much... I really went out with different friends all within this week, and I think my parents will probably be banning me using car for de following weeks... Tanjung Sepat 1-day-trip is canceled due to some reasons, so next week I can be guai guai lui at home... I have to be an obedient daughter these two weeks as I have to get permission to go out on Christmas' eve! I haven't found my santa hat as well, but I'll get it soon! =)

** Under de trees **

** In my room **

** Pitstop Cafe **

** Lurvya Gurlsss! ** =)

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