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Monday, December 08, 2008

Rainy days please go away~

It has been raining and drizzling for de past few days already, and it seems to be continuing for de following days... Aikzzzzz~
I suddenly found rainy days irritating!
I was once used to enjoy rainy days, especially during secondary school days, where we can play in de rain walking to Ah Gor's bus after school dismissed... Now, whenever it rains, it surely causes a lot of inconvenient...
If I'm in UTAR, I will get wet when getting down or up to de car, but well, my carpool friend will most probably drives into UTAR and let us get off first... XD

While at home, how de clothes gonna be dry with de highly humidity outside? Even hanging outside for whole day also useless, de clothes may become more wet instead... Well, it's still okay if it's just raining for one day, but it rains continuously for days! Although it does stop for some while, but de sun didn't show his face at all... =.=
So de clothes yesterday, today and tomorrow all still wet!
Luckily I have quite a lot of clothes in my wardrobe, or else I'll have no clothes to change, or I shall wear de wet wet clothes...

Jogoya is having 50% discount for LADIES until 19th December!!!
(why just ladies? you can say it's a discrimination, but ladies always have priorities! XD )

So this Friday I'll be going Jogoya with friends, and hopefully it won't rain on that day! Firstly because it's so inconvenient and secondly I want my friend to reach there and go home safely! Well, driving in rain is dangerous furthermore we're all still consider as newbies in driving...
Anyway, Jogoya will be ruled by us this Friday! I bet we will be de noisiest one again in de restaurant... We already used to it, so let's go! =)

Oh ya, I need to start GAMFEI already!
I went for my cousin's party last night and ate a lot! (cathering mar, sure must help people finish it!) Hehehehehe~
Hence, to avoid de weighing meter jumps many columns after back from Jogoya, I must gamfei now! XD

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