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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Stay strong!

Wonder why recently there are so many people who fall sick or tend to be sick... And I can always heard "vomit" this word, even myself also said it many times... It's de season to be sick now??
Well, just take good care ba all my friends! =)

By de way, my left cheek is swollen!!!
I don't think it is an ulser inside my mouth, because it's not de same as previous time... And I got abit fever, so I think de "wisdom tooth" is growing! Gosh, it's super duper very PAIN! And I look fatter as my cheek swollen!
It's really torturing man... @.@

Besides, last night I just heard from mom that grandma was in hospital... One of her hands (not sure which side) suddenly paralysed and my uncle quickly sent her to hospital for a check-up... Doctor said one of her blood vessel was blocked causing her hand to paralyse... Well, I don't know whether she has to stay in hospital for further check-up or not, but I hope she'll be fine... Old people normally will got those common sickness like high cholestrol, high blood pressure and so forth... However, I hope grandma will not burden by those serious one...
Stay healthy grandma! Must recover soon ya!
Lurvya! =)


Ning said...

ooh you have got wisdom tooth! *smart gal huh* =P
hope ur granny get well soon =]
take care too yar!

SVoon said...

does de wisdom tooth really brings me wisdom??
i just noe that it's super duper pain now!
and my cheek, swollen! =.=
thx anyway! =)