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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Half half...

Yesterday morning my mom asked me stay home as my toothache was still very serious, but I insisted to go for class due to 2 reasons:
First, Maths test 1 is next wednesday, so I didn't want to miss Maths tutorial and lecture... (Janell made me laughed and caused my tooth so PAIN again and cried! I cannot laugh now... =.=)
Second, I want to go shopping after class! XD
Well, I didn't make de wrong decision as I really had a good time shopping at Time Square and Sg Wang (although I just bought 2 things, while Hei n Kah Eng bought NUMEROUS things)~ We shop for almost 5 hours, and finally decided to go back as our legs were so tired...

** Fizzy Ribena **

** Mango Ice **

** De never-serious-Janell **

KTM still not punctual nor efficient, and de new introduced System-Q wasn't that helpful too, maybe Malaysians still don't know what's de true meaning of queue... When de announcement made, everyone was so in order to queue up at de correct colour lines... So when de train reached, we let de passengers inside to come out first before we go in (if de guard was not there, I bet everyone will rush into de train without letting de passengers to come out first)... After some passengers walked out, de queue is no longer a queue... Everyone rushed in like a swarm of bees! Well, we were at de middle of queue became almost de last who squeezed into de train, because everyone was not following de queue to go into de train! That's so called System-Q...

After reached Serdang station, me and Kah Eng took bus back to my house while Hei waited for her sis-in-law to fetch her... After bathed, we tried on de shirts, skirt and high heels we bought... My new formal shirt is quite nice, and de yellow jacket is not bad too... Kah Eng tried on her "tanglong dress" and she looks so cute! I tried on that dress as well, but I'm not that cute in it, maybe because I'm taller... XD

We went Pitstop yumcha with Kak at about 10pm... Kak drove us out for de first time! Gosh, she is such a drifter! It's mainly due to her Harrier and she is like didn't slow down when turning! Well, her car is so big so we no need to worry as others won't bang on her car (because they will need to pay more) XD
We exchanged jokes (cold jokes as well) and ate french fries... De waiter whose name is Panda (he looks like Danny and also Danell!) jokes with us as well, and he said Danny and Danell also not his favourite Malaysia artists, he said Rynn is better in looking... @.@
I was freaking tired when got back home, so I slept until 11am today! =)

** De Danny + Danell waiter **

My toothache was getting better this morning but not after brushing teeth! It becomes pain again! Gosh, it's damn torturing! I'm worrying my PS presentation on Monday already... Hope it won't affect much...
Next week will be a busy and tough week as well, because I need to submit report and have 5 mins speech on Monday, Writing for Science assignment due on Tuesday, Maths test on Wednesday and Physics test on Saturday!
So de stupid toothache please go away! =.=

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Ning said...

the mango ice is TALL and look yummmmy hahah =D