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Friday, November 14, 2008

Simple day...

Today I got class until 12pm only, so I wore casual (Fukcrewz' shirt + shorts) to UTAR... Janell keeps pointing at those names behind my shirt and comments on people's name... Then, she asked Hei about those names, so both of them keep pointing on my shirt, made me feel like being tickled... That time was Maths lecture class ler! Anyway, I didn't listen for today lecture as well, because it's really too boring...
What was I doing??
I was viewing JOKES from MeeYun's phone! (yea, MY is really a hp source of all) XD

After class, me and Ah Lun had lunch at "big tree head" with YaoXuen, Kah Eng and Alex (a new friend, friend of YX, p/s: he is not sunny in my point of view)... Yea, it reminds me of something funny on last Tuesday! Hei told PengLoon that I prefer sunny guys, and PengLoon defined SUNNY as HANGUS type! Gosh, my sunny doesn't mean black like charcoal ler! XD
Okie, back to topic! Since I was not satisfied with jokes, I asked YaoXuen and Alex to tell me more... Of course, I told them some jokes too (from MY's hp)... De most sweating joke of today is de one about an elephant and a banana... I cannot guess any part of that jokes!
YaoXuen, my brother able to guess all de answer except part 1 only!
Wow, my brother really can think out of box! =)

When get back home, I'm freaking tired (laughed too much perhaps) so I fall asleep on sofa... And I slept for 4 hours nap! Not because I'm lazy to wake up, just blame de rain... XD
Tomorrow I will be having Physics test 1, but I've no motivation to study at all... I cannot log on to Friendster web today, perhaps it got problem again? Friendster always get complaints, but I still prefer it more than Facebook, don't scold me LAME... =.=

Tomorrow Ah Lun has to fetch ZhaoXian and Robin to PE for our exams, and MeeYun, Christine will follow Joshin's sister... De one who initially want to follow Joshin changed her mind, and taking bus tomorrow??
Okie, I don't want say much, because I tend to be one of them as well... XD
We did feel symphaty and guilty, but we're still gossip girls and boys!

Good luck everyone for tomorrow test! =)

**I guessed correctly AGAIN!
Genius or freak? =D

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