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Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm insane!

Physics test at PE block today, not very easy, but at least I won't screw it up as Maths paper... Just want to specially mention here that PE block's classrooms and toilets also much more better than PA's! It's like all new!
However, it is located at a small alley, with factories aside, and no Jaya One (for more food choices)... XD

I find it hard to get public transport there unless you wait for UTAR bus, but UTAR bus got it own schedule...
So, trade-off, PA and PE got their own pros and cons...

Okie, just ignore me and stop reading if you already get sick of my stories of HIM... I just couldn't resist writing about him... I really think that I'm totally insane, freaked out!
Elininate de guessing shirts part (well, I didn't guess it correctly today!), I found that I'm desperate to see him whenever in uni...
De first thing I do when stepped into class is search for his seat... Then, throughout de whole lecture, I'll tend to look to that side... During breaks, I'll hope to see h
im at cafeteria (but we always eat at Jaya One, and he didn't)... Sometimes I was wondering, where he goes and what he does during breaks? When classes dismiss, I'll try to walk out at de same time with him, but most of de time he'll be walking behind me... So instead of seeing him, I've to keep a good image as he's walking behind me...
Gosh, I'm totally not me already!
Oh ya, coincidentally saw him driving that day! According to Hei, it's not his car, he might be driving for his friend as it was raining heavily that time... Anyhow, it's happy to know more about him!
(know that he can drives too?! nonsense lar me...)

I do not know whether is every girl will feel or do exactly de same like me when they admire a guy... Try to meet him (act like coincidence), keep your best image in front of him, wanted to know more about him and hope that he likes you too... Well, some girls are brave enough to take de very first move, but that's for sure not me... What I always do are wait and dream... Don't scold me but I still want to say that quote: Leave it to fate!

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