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Saturday, November 29, 2008


I do not know why things will turn out like that as well, but I'm sure there'll be some impact on our friendship, just a tiny one maybe... As you said, bumps one or two along de path could be essential to luster a friendship, so we just take it as de first bump ba!
I really didn't expect any apology from you, so just keep back your sorry... I was wondering if I had been over in this case? Perhaps I did... But you don't know how angry and disappointed was I when I know I was defending for a lie... Lie can be a great betray sometimes... Luckily this time it is not a big deal, and it happens due to our different perspectives... So we understand each other better after this? I hope we did...
Seriously I didn't mean to blame you or what by that message, but I was really angry that time... And I feel guilty everytime I thought I blamed you wrongly, really... Just I didn't know you
aren't telling me de truth everytime... Why I "xiang tong" after that? It is because I think everyone needs some privacy, and you've your rights not to tell everything... You can not share everything and so do I, that was what I thought...
Anyway, I don't hope to make thing worse and thus, we just end de topic here ba! Regarding de best friend's rights, I still wanna retain my decision... Our friendship won't be so fragile without that rights, right?
And don't drop into de holes because you know I cannot pull you out! XD
Well, I'll get some helps for you instead... Don't worry! **winks**
Thanks for being such a good friend all this while anyway! =)

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