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Sunday, November 30, 2008

de Mean of Friends! =)

Today I went Sunway Pyramid with Meimei and Waiyee!
Yea, my great pals in class during Form 4 and 5~
It's quite unusual that my parents let me drive so far alone for de first time, and I drove my daddy's Merz instead of my mom's Proton Wira! Maybe it's because 2 weeks didn't drive, I really feel that de car is abit too BIG! Meimei, as well as her sister, was so shocked when they saw me waiting in my Merz... Her sister asked her, "Can she really handle such a big car?"... I was quite afraid that I cannot handle it well too at first, but I know I cannot cause any accident today, so I drove carefully... Well, it was still one or two scary scenes happened, both on de road and parking... I think Meimei was damn scared sitting in my car but she still looked very calm, somemore giving me guides and encouragement... Thanks Mei! =)

So after turning for more than 10 rounds up and down in de parking lots, finally we found a carpark... Then we met WaiYee at de main entrance and decided to have lunch at Sushi King... De food was kinda nice, but it's a little too much of what we ordered... Both of them didn't help to finish up de food, so I did de job! That's why I always get fat faster? XD
We chat there for about an hour before leaving to buy presents...
While we're chatting, Meimei drank more than 10 glasses of green tea! It's not because de green tea is free, but she really STILL loves to drink water! I still remember that she used to bring 2 bottles of water to school last time, and she still need to buy another bottle of mineral water during recess... She really drinks alot of water, and thus always find for toilet... We left Sushi King was also because she wanted to go toilet... Haha! It might be de reason why Mei has super duper good skin... Somehow one or two pimples popped out recently because she's too stressed? Faster get rid of it ler Mei! XD

WaiYee doesn't change much as well, she is still de innocent plus angelic character, just like a little kid! =)

After paid for de bill, we rushed to de washroom nearby... It reminds me of something that 3 of us used to do in high school - sneaked out from class to toilet! De pass is only for 2 person to go out from class each time, and normally WaiYee was de one who need to sneak out from de back door of class and joined us for toilet trip! We always carry out activities in three, especially when playing basketball during PJK...
I miss PJK class sooooo much! =)
3 of us always get de consequent number in class position too! 4th, 5th, 6th is de most common position we got in class...
Perhaps we have de same frequency in studies? XD

I wanted to buy presents and my santa hat while Mei wanted to buy something for her class' christmas presents exchange... So we walked from shop to shop, level by level, and end up only I bought de presents... I cannot find a suitable santa hat! There're either too small, too big or expensive... Fine, next time I'll find one that can suit my head size! Mei finally found a cheap and cute bear in Watson, but still she didn't buy it... She said she cannot make up her mind, so just ask her mom to help her buy a present maybe... We went back at around 5.30pm after WaiYee's daddy picked her up...

Meimei's house is just so near with mine!
Erm, my near as in it's actually just somewhere I used to go...
Mei, I can find you yumcha next time already! =)

After dropped her back, I headed back home... It was kinda tired today, perhaps I drove today, and something so called girls' pain is right on time... However, I am still very happy and enjoyed today! It's so comfortable to be with de two of them... No worries, no contrast in opinion, it's all about a simple lunch and updates of each other... I think they are another kind of friends of mine, who are so unique, where we can don't share secrets, only update each other once a while, yet still being so undertsanding, care for what de others need and give 100% of support... This kind of friendship is so basic yet sincere and hardly found among my friends nowadays... I'm so glad that I have them... Of course, I still own another bunch of good friends out there, who also bring joy and happiness to me...
I feel so grateful to have so many different friends with me, making my life so complete, either with joy or pain, I still truly appreciate them! =)

** de H2O Queen - Meimei **

** de innocent angel - WaiYee **

** Little Christmas Tree **

** Big red Christmas tree behind **

** de three S4 girls ** =)

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