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Saturday, November 29, 2008


After 4 years of waiting, F.I.R. First Concert Live in Malaysia is at tonight in Arena of Stars, Genting! I'm kinda sad because I ain't able to join de crowd tonight... F.I.R. concert initially was set at Bukit Jalil which is quite near my house, and I thought I would able to go... But now Genting is just too far for me... So I'm going to miss de desperated concert! Yerrrrrrrr~
Well, what can I do?
Just sincerely wish them a success in their concert and have fun in Malaysia!
Go go go F.I.R.!!! =)
I hope I can go for your concert next time you all come to Malaysia again ya!

**And F.I.R. is my 100th post! Good luck tonight! =)

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