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Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas everywhere~

Christmas' decorations can be seen everywhere in Jaya One!
It makes us feel so excited and took many photos with de X'mas tree there!
Finally after 7 weeks of Sem 2, our camwhore habit is back again~ XD

** Tall X'mas tree! **

** de Red flower on de tree **

** de Blue Bell from de tree **

** Me & WanJun **

** So romantic feel! ** =)

** Merry be-earlied X'mas **

** Another small X'mas tree **

** de Big Big one **

I'm looking forward to de X'mas this year!

Dinner > Countdown at The Curve > Mamak > Watch meteor (mission impossible) > Sleep (most probably for awhile only) > Watch sunrise! (if can watch it from that hill near my house)

Yea, this is de plan, and hopefully it works! XD
Just de meteor part is quite impossible and if we can climb up from bed to watch sunrise de next morning...
Anyway, just dream on~ =)
Oh ya, with my santa hat~

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