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If it's not okay, then it is not yet de end! =)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I know I've no rights to know everything,
but at least when I asked,
you shouldn't lie...

I know I'm tend to be repeating de history,
but there is something different now,
yet it's not any better tho...

I know I'm not kind enough,
but still I'm trying hard to be,
and at least I'm sincere...

I know I didn't put you all as priority,
yet you all should understand that:
I didn't take you all as substitutes...

I know even I think you're now de one,
you wouldn't let me be de only one,
because heart is everchanging...

I know I shouldn't think much about it,
yet my mind is just out of control,
being so pessimistic...

Trying to get my mind out of de complications,
as I cannot afford to carry de heavy brain,
or else I'll be dying, mentally...

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