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Saturday, November 29, 2008

de Little Cute one! =)

Last night when my mom came back, she passed me this:

She said it is a present from my little cousin!
I was quite surprised because that little cousin is always afraid of me, and now he gave me a present?! Well, according to mom, he got that present when he played with de "twist machine"... Erm, it's de machine that required us to insert coins and twist it for a plastic egg with some toys inside... Although he is not purposely wanna buy me a present, but I'm still happy with it!
Actually since he's still 5-6 years old, he already don't dare to talk much with me... Whenever he saw me, he will quickly keep quiet no matter what he was doing just now... My mom and his sister can hardly make him sit quietly to do homework, but just when I ask him to do homework, for sure he will do it immediately...
I wonder why he so afraid of me?
However, he used to tell his mom and my mom that he wants to marry me when he grown up! Just a cute little kid! =)

Well, I hope this little cute one can really have a happy life... De days without mother aren't so good, and de father doesn't seem to be taking over all de mom's jobs as well... What me and my mom can do now is just spend more time with de 2 little pity ones, and try to understand what they think and their feelings...
Anyway, thanks Jun Jun for your present ya! =)

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