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Saturday, October 11, 2008


3 weeks passed and 2 days left for holidays, today only I'm willing to clean and tidy up my long-time-being-messy room... Spending hours to take out ALL my clothing from my wardrobe, wiped de whole wardrobe, and arranged them back according to colours...
Yea, my clothes are all nicely arranged! XD

I found that I have MANY shirts! I think can wear different shirt everyday without repeating for at least 1 month... However I always keep repeating my shirts, wonder why... And I'm still want to buy new shirts! I saw a quite nice one last month, but still haven't buy it yet... Aikzzz!

** Only half of my wardrobe here k! **

While cleaning my another cupboard (books and nonsense), I found many memorable thingy! =)

A memorable drum show with BC and Qiqi - Drum Slices!

** De brochure **

Does it look like a mandarin orange (those we eat during CNY)?? I made it together with my tadika kids! And this is mine, I think theirs sure don't know throw where already... XD

** Self-made mandarin orange **

My birthday present from Hei, Xing and Mei (hope I didn't miss out anyone's name) for my 16th birthday! It is a blue-ish box with a stack of memorable photos inside... See those slices of colour paper?? According to them, it was de most difficult job to cut it!
Thanks anyway! =)

** Box of memories **

Yea, this whole box (down there) are all presents, from primary school till now... Normally for those decorative presents I will have a look and wrap them back, and keep them in this box... Soft toys, music box, crystal ball and so on, I keep all your love inside! I didn't throw them although I'm not using them... Well, next time IF you want to buy any present for me, think twice, either you buy something I need, or you buy something for me to keep inside this box... Oh no, this box is full, so another box... XD

** PressieSSssss **

Ah dear BC, do you still remember this (de Snickers)?? Haha! Yea, it's my graduation present from you! It's still on my table, and don't know still can eat or not... I won't eat it, I want to keep it as a memory... Give me another one to eat next time, this one I keep it, k?? XD

** Graduation Snickers **

Finally... my pinky school bag!!! What a memorable bag~ I was considering whether to bring it to UTAR or not, but I think it's too pinky... Haha!

** My school bag **

There are still a lot of memorable things that I didn't show here... I keep a lot of little tiny things, because they're all memorable... Even a small piece of paper, I also keep it as someone wrote something memorable there... JieHui's and Yau's little papers, JyhLing's little self-made notebook, YeeMun's self-made bookmark, Han-Ming's star (I remember he said he made it that time, but I think he found that little star somewhere else XD), Xing's birthday Ferreror Rochers and so on...

Then I found my Barbie dolls!!! 3 of them inside a puzzle box, and another 2 in their original box... The two are from my mom, she bought them for me some day (that time I was already 14 I think)... She said she think they are cute with curly maggi hair, so she bought them for me... Actually I don't like curly hair, I prefer straight hair Barbie...
Anyway I was touched as well, because they are from mom! =)

Besides, I found that I still got 2 puzzles! One is from XinRou and another is from ChengFei during my 13th birthday, a special birthday... There was something unhappy happened due to de puzzle from XinRou, and yet causing a chain of quarrels and misunderstandings after that... Well, me and XinRou really undergo a long chapter of life...
From best friends to no friends, from appreciation to conflicts, everyday phone calls to strangers, trustworthy to scary, and now back to friendship...
Luckily we're still friends now, if not I think my life wouldn't be that good for always hating someone...

Gosh, I know why my mom keep complaining my room is full with "rubbish", and de "rubbish" is always increasing without any elimination... But I really feel "bu she de" to throw all these things...
Actually I haven't really clean up my room, because there are still 2 cupboards! That 2 cupboards are "older", thus containing "older" memories too... Next time when I got de motivation only I clean de 2 cupboards ba! XD

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