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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Am I in de ring?

I was wondering last night, is de relationship really that tight like what I think?? Is this word really means alot to you gurls too??
Yea, "gurlfriendssss", de term I was thinking about last night...

Maybe all these thoughts pop out suddenly is because I read Qiqi's blog, and I found that there are many things I do not know, but BC or Ai did...
Well, cannot blame anyone on this, because three of them share de same friends, currently studying in HELP institute, and all using Maxis!
But I still never think of changing my Digi to Maxis...
After thinking deeper, I realized that they used to be in a same gang when in CHS too! Although BC was in P class while Ai and Qiqi in science class, they still always hang out together, and somemore went tuition together... That's where de gap begins, perhaps... I used to be with Fukcrewz or Serdang friends, and never go any outing with them during secondary school time... And now, I didn't choose HELP but has chosen UTAR... Well, they always complaining how sux is HELP but I don't think UTAR is any better than that...
I remembered I was once made a promise with BC that after she came out from NS, we will consider which college or Uni is better for mass communication course, and we wish to have our tertiary study together... Yea, we couldn't make it at last due to some reasons... I didn't choose mass comm as well as HELP now, I'm kinda regret actually... My current course is now under some conflicts, and I have to consider it again! =.=

IF I chose HELP rather than UTAR,
IF I chose Digi rather than Maxis,
IF I spent more time with you gurls in CHS,
IF I had put more cares on you gurls,
MAYBE I wouldn't be bother by this annoying feeling now...

Or maybe best friends doesn't mean knowing everything about each other, best friends need privacy too... De stage we are in now is de best for us, but I'll make it better than de best!
Lurv you gurls, my gurlfriendssss! =)

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