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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No life is miserable!

Human always not satisfy on what they're given, either want back what they lost, or demand for greater things... Just like us, never stop complaint everything in Sem1, and now continue complaining about Sem 2 but missing Sem 1 alot... Yea, we're human, standard human...
Well, who knows Sem 3 might be worse although it's a short semester? I think I better start appreciate Sem 2 rather than feeling so frustrated upon it... =)

Well, I got many long breaks between class almost everyday, sometimes 2 hours, sometimes even 3 hours if some class ends earlier... Too long break makes me feel so bored, and no mood to go for de following class... I always spend my time in cafeteria with my classmates, gossiping about others, or copy tutorial works sometimes... Yea, I copy works more than doing it myself most of de time now... Last time in CHS I was de one who always lend my homeworks to others... Haha! Lazy me! XD

Just chat with HuiQi regarding de 24 drums thingy... Frankly speaking, I'm not so passionate towards it already... I just love to watch drum show and things like STOMP now... I was once VERY passionate for being a drummer, but de passion seems to fade as time goes by, and after those unhappy things happened..
So sorry Qi, I'll not say a YES... However, IF you really want to join de troup, just go on, k?? Don't let de chain reaction happens...
Follow your heart ba! =)

Chatting with BC now, and we're both having a big head due to our studies... We share de same problems now, and I think she knows what she going to do next, rather than me, still do not want to pay some effort on searching for alternatives... Why am I so passive! Never change... Well, I hope both of us can solve our problems soon, as soon as possible...
Good luck my dear! =)

Life cannot be so miserable unless you want it to be... That's always de thinking of human which decide what life they're leading now... Do not think negatively, if you want your life to be more positive!
Your life is in your hands, that can be true! =)

First time having class at 12pm, it's tomorrow! Finally I can sleep later...
Have a nice day tomorrow to me! =)

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