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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hectic Life!

Last Saturday and Sunday we didn't go for Double B's competition, so our registration fees forfeit already... Well, as Jeng said, RM4 is only 10% of RM40 (our ballroom dance fees that we forfeit), just take it as doing charity ba! XD
We tend to be always doing all this non-beneficial things, but no next time!
Really, I do not hope it'll be a next time... =.=

Today I just get know about soooooo MANY replacement classes will be on started this week! Don't think that I just exaggerating it, but it's really MANY! For now what I knew is there will be 3 replacement classes for Chemistry, 1 practical for Physics, and 6 hours for programming practical...
Wow, a lot of them?? These are only PART of it!
Public Speaking and other subjects are still under arrangement for replacement classes...
Gosh, I cannot imagine how packed my weekdays will be!
No, and my lovely Saturdays!
Some replacement classes are on Saturday!!! @.@

Okie, I cannot be so fed up first, because I haven't finish listing!
Assignments, presentations and TESTSssss~
Everything will cramped in these 2 months... I think I'd better get myself prepared for de WAR, and I cannot fall... Fall sick is not allowed, at least these 2 months I cannot get ill...
I bet every uni and college student faces de same hectic life, so I cannot complain much too...
So, just let it comes!

Besides, I'm considering whether should I change my degree course?
Or I should keep to it? (risky =.=)
I'm really having a big head now...
Well, if possible, how much I wish that I could get a scholarships and further my studies oversea! I want to do my first choice course if it really happens - Psychology!
Let me win a lottery, or else give me a great scholarship ba!
If there's something called miracle and luck...

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