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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Happening Wednesday

Last night before dinner, I received a call from JieHui, calling from a public phone... She lost her handphone, and she was at Subang Parade that time!
Gosh, I was so nervous for her, but she sounds so steady...
Well, she is always de tough Kak! =)
So I helped her to call YeeMun and asked them try their best to search for JieHui's handphone in de house (their rented house)... After that JieHui called me back for a few times, she said her handphone is not stolen by others, instead she is very sure that she put it somewhere and forgot to take it... I'm not sure how's it happened, but I was kinda nervous for her, because she was alone at Subang Parade! She was considering whether to cut de line service first or not, since she was infront of de Maxis centre that time, so I asked her to do so...
After make sure she get contact with YeeMun them only I had my dinner...
Hope she faster found her phone ba!

Well, I thought of this last night: Why she called to my handphone??
She can only remember and memorised my number??
Wow, I suddenly feel so proud of this! (nonsense right? XD)
I think if I face such situation, de only numbers I can remembered (excluded family members) are Hei's and Han-Ming's...
So both of you better always get ready to help me when I'm in need ya! XD

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