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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Finally I watched Money No Enough 2 yesterday! As many of my friends bet, I really cried many times in de cinema... Okie lar, you all win lar!
Wait, you all didn't cry?? Gosh, I think this time is not because I'm easier to cry, but it's really sad and touching! You all are cold blooded! =.=
Anyway, this is really a good show, and Jack Neo's movie never fail me!
(never fail to make me cry like hell too! XD)

Well, plan is to be spoiled, I proved this theory again yesterday... We decided to have our lunch at an indian restaurant in Garden de day before, but somehow we repeated our "old style" again, stand infront of de restaurant, dicussed for few minutes, then walked away...
-First plan spoiled-
As expected we kicking de ball to each other, but still no one wants to make de decision... After we explored at lower ground floor, Jeng be de savior by walking into Jade Express... So our lunch settled!
We planned to watch 2 movies yesterday, but as Hei didn't want to go back during de peak hour, so we didn't manage to watch Painted Skin...
-Second plan spoiled-
I was in good mood yesterday, so de original plan, just forget bout it! =)

When me and Hei reached Serdang KTM station, it's drizzling... I managed to catch up a bus while Hei asked for a taxi... De rain started to get heavier, so I called my daddy to pick me up later at bus stop, who knows he told me his car is still under repaired, so I gotta walk back by myself... De rain was really heavy with lighting and thunder that time, so I sat at bus stop waiting for de rain to stop... I wait for half an hour there, doing nothing... Luckily there is a stall selling Indian's kuih beside de bus stop, so when de auntie fried kuih, I get warmer... Of course I bought some kuih from her too! =)

I hate waiting, but don't know why I didn't get annoyed while sitting at de bus stop yesterday... I just looking at de rain, and enjoyed de cool breeze...

Perhaps my mood really good yesterday! =)

** Rainy days are not that annoying sometimes **

De rain didn't seem wanna stop, so I walked back when it's only drizzle... Wonder why am I become so weak, my flu back to me just when I reached home... Aikz, it takes time to recover again! =.=
Hei messaged me when she reached home too, and de taxi fees was RM15! Gosh, now taxi drivers are vampires... Her house is not more than 5km from KTM station I think... So if I took taxi back, I think it'll be RM25++... Thanks RapidKL and Metro Bus for passing by my housing area man! XD

Results was posted on de web yesterday, and immediately I checked it when I get home... Hmm, better than I expected, but don't know why I still feel abit disappointed... I'm too greedy I know... And I just get my timetable for semester 2, speechless!
4 more days to sem 2, and now only I started to enjoy my holidays! Wasted de last 2 weeks man... =.=

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