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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Time's Up!

Yea, it's time for de first semester final exam tomorrow... Unlike de previous tests and mid-term, this will be more serious... So reminders: BRING EXAM SLIP!!! Of course together with ID and IC...

I will be taking all my papers in PB Auditorium, a BIG and FREEZING COLD hall... That's why I think I'll be shivering during exams, cold and nervous! Furthermore this time we will be sitting separately, not side by side anymore... Then de whole hall will be silent, no handphones, no whisperings, only de high heels sound of those lecturers can be heard I think...
Totally exams feel!!!

No matter I'm well-prepared or not now, tomorrow onwards I also gotta DO MY BEST!!! Okie, honestly, I haven't finish all revisions, so please PRAY HARD for me!!!


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