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Friday, September 26, 2008

Shared room or Beach??

One of my mom's shop Indonesian worker just argued with her husband, and she has no home to go back, so my mom let her sleep in my house tonight... I'm not racist or what, just she refused to sleep in living room's sofa, but wanna sleep in room! So I got no choice, she will be sleeping with me tonight, since my room is de only place can fit her in... She didn't bring anything here, so I donate a pair of clothes to her...
Fine, I was thinking: "Just a night only mar, nevermind, take it as doing charity lor!", but I was wrong! My mom said she still don't know how many days she will be staying at my house!!! Gosh, I was stunned... From de conversations I heard, she don't plan to have a talk with her husband, she was like: "He (her husband) can don't let me go back, he can take away de child, but must give me my things mar!"...

She thinks she get back all her belongings then everything settled?? Don't she know she is causing alot of inconvenients to my family??
And I don't like to share room with her...

I hate all these marriage conflicts, and why all these are like diseases, spreading around me... Get away from my life!! My two uncles are already divorced, and I don't want to meet with all these stupid problems...

On de other hand, I just received Han-Ming's message! Suddenly I don't know should I be grateful to have half a room to sleep... Hahahahahaha! He and his friends stucked in Langkawi!!!
Yea, they missed their ferry, and also de bus of course... What they doing right now?? They are drinking beer and enjoying their night on de beach! It sounds quite fun actually, just pray that tonight won't be raining lor!
Be careful ya guys! Don't oversleep and miss your flight tomorrow!
Good luck guys! XD

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