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Sunday, September 21, 2008


I was too tired last night after back from dinner with a couple of Serdang friends, so I only can blog about yesterday now... Yesterday was a busy day for me... It's so tiring yet it's fun though...

Finals is over!!! That's de most BIG NEWS yesterday! Maths was de last paper, and it didn't really ruin up my day, because it's not as difficult as I thought... After exams, me and Hei met up with Mei, and she drove us to Sunway Pyramid for Yau's birthday...


Well, we reached Sunway Pyramid abit earlier, or others were late?? So we walked around and search for toys shop as Hei wanna buy a birthday present for her little cute nephew - Yew Yew... She couldn't find a suitable one and end up we sitting in J.Co and eat donuts... Because we're too tired to walk and hungry already! Then Huiqi joined us in J.Co... We listened to her "happening" life stories and laugh laugh laugh only...
Yea, no doubt she is good in entertaining people with her extremely o
ver actions! XD

** I ate de top right one because it's caption is "no date? please eat me!" XD **

After that, we went to find Yau around skating ring because he d
oesn't know where is J.Co... He was waiting outside Dunkin Donut instead... Haha! As predicted, we took a long long time to decide where to have lunch... (Aikzz, our style never change!) After walking for rounds and rounds, we finally decided to go Gasoline... Here comes de super duper funny part of de day!

** Here we come Gasoline~ **

De waiter who takes order for us is wearing RED contact lens, and wearing their waiter's costume - pirate's wears and bandanna... De light there was dim, so we cannot really see clearly... So, Huiqi turned on her handphone's flash light, and flash to de waiter to show us his red eyes! Haha... While taking order, Huiqi purposely said a number which is actually not in de menu (they take order by noting down de number only)... De waiter didn't know he had been fooled until we told him... He laughed as well, and I think he thought we like to play with him... De number of de food that Hei ordered is 016, so she said "016!", and Huiqi continued saying "XXX XXXX", a handphone number! So we told de waiter that Huiqi wanna give him her number... Haha! I wonder if de waiter was annoyed or happy?! We actually keep on calling him, and joke with him... Before we leave, we wrote a self-created handphone number behind de receipt, and asked de waiter to keep de receipt... And de waiter really KEEP IT!!!

** Too dark inside! **

Well, de story not yet end... After we walked out from there, Yau went in again and asked de waiter to take photo with Huiqi! I can heard "wowwwwoowwwwooo" sounds of all other waiters from outside! Hahahaha...
From what we heard, his name is Iceman, and I think Fireman suit him more, because he is so reddish!

** Iceman & Huiqi **

So de noisy and troublesome customers finally say Bye Bye to Gasoline~ XD

** Happy 18th Burfdae Yau! **

** Mei & Anning **

** Fiona & I **

** Huiqi wants de decorations up there to be in de photo, so here it is! **

After that, I accompanied Huiqi to find de machine to pay parking fees, and we didn't know de machine is everywhere in each level, so we took lift to de LG floor to pay... Okie, I admit it's my fault, because I tell Huiqi that only downstairs got de machine... =.=

** De big mirror beside de machine **

So after Huiqi went back, and Hei bought Lego for Yew Yew, we went home...
Of course, we snapped some photos before leaving! =)

** De sai lou with 2 kar jie **

**Yau, we have no presents and also no cake for you yesterday, but still hope that you had a happy birthday ya! We didn't sing a happy birthday song for you officially, but we did sing twice in Gasoline while others' celebrating, right?? It counts! XD
Oh ya, thanks for de dolphin crystal ball! =)**

** I think my dolphin presents are enough to open a shop! XD **

At night, I went F1 for dinner with Serdang friends - Jovan, ChengChun, HanYong, Xing and Hei... It was a night full with laughters! Our topic can be everything, and I think I can only find this feel in you guys man! We laughed almost every single senten
ces... Although we're kind of exchanging each other's stories, but still we can have fun with it...
Everyone is having their own life now, and de topics of us might change, but I
can still feel de knot between us! Even if it getting looser and looser, I will still try my very best to hold it tight!
I won't let it slip away so easy...

** ChengChun(Didi) & Me **

** Jo & Me **

A few words here specially for Hei, because I can feel that she really miss de old days very much... Hei, no matter what've changed and what you've lost, de friendship between us will never fade, k?? Friendship is not de matter of years, but I strongly believe that our 11yrs friendship meant it... Whenever you need sombody, we'll always be there!
I miss your laughters gurl! =)

Tomorrow will be our Genting trip, I sincerely wish that it will be a fun memory...
See you guys tomorrow! =)

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