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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

de Genting Trip...

Yea, I'm back from de freaking COLD Genting, and feeling so HOT now! Genting is not so cold as last time (my "last time" was 2 years ago), but still you will shivering cold when de wind blows, especially at night...
Me and Hei wore short pants for de first day, and Steron wore sleeveless somemore! **salute**

Hmm, actually I don't really know how to blog about this trip... Let just write about de schedule ba! I took KTM to KL Sentral with Hei and Ah Lun early in de morning, and it was peak hour, so we can only get into KTM for de second round...
er meeting up with others in Mc Donald, we get onto bus... This is unlike de trip with Fukcrewz, and no more Ah Gor bus, so we cannot be too noisy... Anyhow, we're still de noisiest in de bus, together with TE class... Yea, so many UTARians went Genting for trip, somemore on de same day (another Sem 2 TD also went on that day)...
After only 45 minutes, we reached Sky Bus station, de bus driver was such a good drifter!
Han-Ming, Jeng, Cess, Mia, Hei and I were in a same cable car... We four gurls keep camwhoring, and asked de guys along too, but they were so un
willing to do so, because they said they want to enjoy de view
(Sorry lar, spoi
l you guys' view)...
Six people in a camwhore photo, it's not so easy, but we did it, imperfectly... XD

** De most perfect one I can take **

Walking for a few kilometres, from Sky Bus station to our apartment, unloaded our luggages, and walked up back to de themepark... We're kinda regret why not choosing First World hotel... So we started to play at about 11am, and back when de themepark closed, which is 7pm... This is de first time I played everything in de thempark, and tried out de ride that I didn't dare to play before -- Space Shot! Gosh, that is super duper "Chi Gek" man! My heart was like dropping out, and I screamed for no voice! Really, I cannot scream it out... And during our turn, there was alot of mist, so when I was up there, I can just see all white, like those so called heaven in drama... I don't know why I played for de second time when they all said want to play again, and I just go with them... It made me got phobia already, when sitting in cable car going down...
Due to de human nature (everything must worth back it price), I played all those little kids rides as well...
I sat Flying Jumbo and Merry-Go-Ro
und for twice! XD
Oh ya, I lurv Tea Cup!!! I'm quite curious why many of them dare to play Corkscrew and Space Shot, but not Tea Cup... They told me they can go up and down, but not rotating... Spinning really makes people dizzy, yet it's damn fun! My "cupmates" were Steron and Christine, Christine felt vomitting halfway, but Steron still keep spinning with one hand while another hand on head, saying she wanna vomit...
Yea, she is damn crazy when playing, so do I! Haha...
I enjoyed sitting in de spinning cup! XD

** Flying Jumbo **

** Merry-Go-Round **

** Too short! XD **

** Ice-cream! **

** Boat ride with Bon Bon **

** She cannot stand us for taking photos everywhere XD **

** Looks like Cameron? **

** Ferris Wheel **

** A bridge in Dinosaur Land **

** Some of de gurls **

** We're damn tired (6.50pm) **

So after taking for 100++ photos (that's just a little okie...), we back to apartment to bath and went for dinner in Pizza Hut... I had fast food for both lunch and dinner that day! Gosh, I really feel vomitting after that... While waiting for de movie - Mirrors, we took some indoor rides, those super relax rides, for family and kids... We're tired and thus those rides feel just nice... I planned to take a nap in cinema, but somehow de movie was too scary, and you know, those sound effects for scary movie... I watched de movie before,but I can't really remember... Okie Jeng, I admit I scared, and tried to avoid some scenes... Hehe... But you scared too, don't you?? XD
After movie then we back to apartment, they had their games and beers, we gurls slept earlier... Beds, blankets and pillows were not enough for us and thus everyone was trying their best to snatch de blanket and steal de pillow... De second day, eveyone also complaint how pity they're and how they suffered from their night...
Okie well, I bet no one sleeps well because it's realli cold that night...

After checked out, we walked to First World for brunch before going back... A few of us ate at Only Mee, and some of them went Coffee Terrace for buffet lunch which cost RM50 each... I really not willing to spend that much for just 1 meal, although I know de buffet in Coffee Terrace is damn nice...

** Me and Bon Bon waiting in Mc Donalds before back **

We reached KL Sentral at 4pm, and everyone went home... I was freaking tired and my legs are still pain now! I think it's because we walked from apartment to First World and from First World to apartment for many times... Hei somemore hurt her leg in themepark... WanJun also knocked her head while playing... I bet everyone sleeps earlier last night... I slept from 10.30pm to 12.30pm de next day...
And I feel damn HOT at home now, no more cold winds... =.=

This trip was not as bad as I predicted, maybe because I really enjoyed myself in themepark... However, I feel bad for didn't making Han-Ming and Jeng enjoy de trip... I know they felt left out and bored, but I really don't know what to do... So sorry guys! And Han-Ming now in Langkawi with his TD friends, enjoy ya dude! (Don't forget our chocolates! XD) I didn't really talk to Mia and Cess too, because I don't know what to chat with them... Hei did join them after that, so I think they enjoyed de trip too ba!

What I gained from this trip?? I don't really think that I've tighten de relationship with my classmates, but perhaps we had a new topic to chat already next time?
De only thing new is that I tried Space Shot and Corkscrew, and that's freaking FUN! =)

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