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Friday, December 21, 2012

The 21.12.2012

Many people posted statuses or tweets regarding today, 
21st of December, 2012.
Although not all solely about the end of world, but they mentioned and related to it somehow.
Most saying it is Winter Solstice, not world end.
Some friends finished their last exam paper for degree today morning, so they are celebrating.
I find this following one cool because the world end prophecy has diverted so much of people's attention to simple thing like this: 
For workers, finally today has came, happy Friday! =P
See, such a simple joyful statement that reflects how people looking forward to weekends after started to work.
Soon I will be like that too. Sigh.

For me, I do not think the world will end today but nonetheless I have a little sensitive and worrisome nature.
To be frank, today morning when I woke up before my alarm rang, I secretly prayed in heart that I opened my eyes to a bright and sunny morning instead of the cold and dark condition as predicted.
I am too hoping today can pass sooner so there is no more worry about 21st Dec.
So maybe deep down, I have already embedded the prophecy somewhere in my mind.
Please, stay alive my lovely world, I have yet to be with you long enough to see your beauty!

Well, undeniable, my main reason that I wish the prophecy is false is because I want to fly to Aussie so badly!
Don't shatter my dream that I have waited for almost two years.


Sent my gratitude to my thesis supervisor, Ms Ju Li.
A 3D card, with a ferris wheel in it when opened.
She replied me saying that I deserved my marks and she wants to meet me for publishing matter after I am back from Australia.
Hope it will be great meeting her when I am back! =D


Designed a diary for the 35-day-trip to Aussie.
Scratched my head thinking of a title for the diary but I picked the simplest option.
A Trip Of Love.
This will be a graduation trip, as well as meeting my love after two years.
Sincerely hope that this diary will be filled with joyful memories when I am back.

Countdown: 5 days!


This will come as a surprise birthday gift.
Crowning you as the queen.
Not the evil queen in Snow White, but the kind, patient, and lovely queen in my life.

Happy Be-earlied Birthday, my dear Queen


Sheryl Yen said...

have a safe flight, voon~! <3

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