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Friday, March 23, 2012


I was reluctant to admit I'm turning older in age, yet I'm still grateful my friends and family always made me feel more loved during my birthday.

Wish to be wiser and happier.
Richer, prettier and smarter if possible. =P
Healthy, me and everyone!
Love and loved. 

Simple and traditional way, a dinner and a cake.
I'm sure I will miss all these one day later.
I love you mommy, daddy, gor and di! =D


Hei is the one who always plan for my birthday celebration.
Thanks her for making me always surrounded by friends of all different cliques for my birthday.
This year, I had a different experience, the first and last as MeiMei said.
I tried to drink and I got drunk.
It is a big issue for me to get drunk I think, luckily my trusted friends took good care of me and sent me home safely.
Drunk is nothing fun.
No euphoria for me, only nausea and headache.
No alcohol for next birthday! 
Memorable 22nd birthday anyway! =)




Last year, we had this combination - me, JyhLing, and Gabriel.
This year, they spared time for me again.
Simple tea time, with a pretty aqua top as present!
Thank you girl for your great choice, I like it very much!
Sorry Gab, I didn't prepare anything for you but you paid for the meal again.
If we are to meet again next year, I will get you a present.
Your birthday present to me is still hanging at my car now. =)

Hello, I'm Siau Voon.
I'm 22 years old.
I'm enjoying life, be it good or bad.
I'm striving for better me, be it easy or hard.
I'm still loving, be it reciprocated or not.
I'm just, me.


Sheryl Yen said...

hi Siau Voon,

You are my mentor, be it you feel you are weak or superior.

Every time i read your blog, I'm inspired.

I wish I could strive for better me, with your companion~ =)

SVoon said...

We will work hard together, you know you always have us at your back! =)